Marketing Engineered with Technology

Marketing has evolved. You cannot run a successful marketing campaign without having technology by your side.

Apart from team and tenacity, technology is what drives our success.

We Love to Build. Products.

We keep building in-house marketing tools for the challenges that we face on a daily basis. It spans from managing work and planning campaigns to analyzing complex data and understanding industry.

A social media analytics tool to measure, analyze, and assess social media performance on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Vaizle also comes with powerful ad technology which helps you improve Facebook Ads campaign performance.

We built Vaizle while working on an exciting project. During Indian Premier League of 2016, we decided to track social media performance of sponsors and advertisers of the event. Published a report on it. Got a massive response. Over 450 downloads...all organic. That also helped us land a social media analysis project for one of the leading real estate companies in the world.

That’s how we learned we have something amazing at our disposal.


Petabytes of data assessed


Million posts analyzed from


Brands’ social media performance tracked

An another version of Vaizle which helps us monitor keywords and brand mentions on social media. While it helps us in tracking and helping our clients out, Sazer has been instrumental in building the base for Vaizle.

With Sazer, we help our clients understand the key activities happening on social media, brand mentions,

That’s our internal Zapier. Remember when you create landing pages and you struggle to update it in your CRM or a Google Sheet. Our clients used to do that manually and in the process will lose leads. Or sometimes would contact the leads too late to ad budget and campaign worthless.

Enters Cruxor: a lead data integrator that helps you send leads from your landing pages to your choice of CRM, Google Sheet, or simply in your inbox as an email notification.

Our Technology Leverage

Marketing tools are the enabler. We are the driver. Here are all the use cases we have built using the prowess of our technology team.

Analyze social

Spy on our clients’

Monitor brand mentions
and keywords

ImproveFacebook ads

Run better Facebook catalog

Monitor creatives and copies

Create meaningful

Create seamless lead gen
processes for sales

Going beyond in-house

We use some of the best tools in the world to deliver value and result.