30% month-on-month growth while improving ROAS from 1.5 to 3.5


Abhishti is a clothing brand that makes ethnic wear. And western wear clothes under the blue hour. The brand wanted to scale from the very first day which they were struggling with since the past few months. This was also required to be completed at the blended ROAS of over 3.


  • Scaling Google Ads/Meta Ads-In order to scale we have to expand our audience size.

  • Selling Dead stocks There were a lot of pieces available for the festive wear collection and it was really hard to sell them after the festive season was over.

  • Attaining AOV: For some time our AOV has dropped by almost 25% and it was affecting our daily revenue.

Activation and Strategy

Majority of sales were coming from Meta Ads. We realized this was the platform that could be scaled even further. We started building audiences on what was working earlier for the brand. Our focus was:

  • Expanding cold audiences
  • Used Facebook Pixel to track user behavior and create custom audiences for retargeting. Earlier we were spending only 12% of the ad spent on retargeting campaigns, but by using different custom audiences we scaled it to 25%.
  • Segmented the audience into different categories, it also helps us clear the dead stocks.
  • To sell the dead stocks we started segmenting the audience on the collection level. We also used the festive wear collection and changed the messaging to wedding wear.
  • To attain the AOV we made some tweaks to the cart value to apply the coupon code.
  • For pre-paid orders, we introduced an extra 5% off.
  • Men ethnic wear as a category was untouched. We realized its potential at the early stages and started creating campaigns for it.


  • With the right audience ad targeting we are able to sell all the dead stocks.
  • By adding conditions in the promo code our AOV increased by 25%
  • Google contributed a lot to the B.RoAS. Google gives us a RoAS of 5.59
  • Using Facebook we scaled the business by 150% and Facebook has given us a RoAS of 3 during the festive season we even got a RoAS of 4+.
  • We didn’t only make the men's category profitable but scalable at the same time. We got a RoAS of 3+ from the men's campaign.
  • Men category started contributing to 15% of the total sales with RoAS of 3.2