7.79x increase in monthly subscribers in 5 months

Happy Nature saw an exponential increase in its customer base in 5 months by focusing on the right ad messaging and a balanced media mix of Meta and Google ads.


Happy Nature is a premium fresh foods company that operates in Delhi NCR, Haryana, Chandigarh, and other areas of Punjab. Through ethical farming practices, they produce farm-fresh dairy products and breakfast essentials.

The brand wanted to profitably increase its subscriber base to increase month-on-month subscription revenue. In addition to building brand awareness in the targeted areas, the second objective was to reinforce the brand's presence.ork.


Dairy products form an essential part of an average daily Indian diet. But the market is competitive with brands having decades old footprints.

Audience expansion was challenging due to the smaller target area. Since Happy Nature's products are ethically produced and come from certified desi cows, they are more expensive than generic alternatives. Considering we were dealing in daily essentials, a higher price point was also a challenge.

Activation and Strategy

Considering we were targeting limited areas and our objective was expanding the customer base we tried to reach our audience via multiple touch points through both Meta and Google. While 40% of the budget was spent on Google Ads, the rest 60% was spent on Meta ads.

The main objective was to get subscriptions for milk and there were multiple milk types available for each area, so initially, we tested multiple varieties across all areas to find the product that works best for each area.

For Google Ads, our major focus was on search ads as those were the campaigns giving us the best quality leads but we kept Discovery, Display and YouTube in the mix to increase the number of touch points and brand recall. Also because the search volume was limited, it was important to use push campaigns like display, discovery and YouTube to cover more audience.

For Meta, in addition to finding the right audience it was very important to find the right messaging for each set of audiences. Also, it was important to convey product USPs very clearly so users would be willing to pay for the quality they were getting. Once we found the right messaging for each audience we focused on creating multiple variations of the messaging to bring the cost down.


increase in the number of monthly subscribers

Increased revenue by 73.36% in six months

Reached 4.9 million people that generated over 2.3 million interactions

Finding the right mix of budget spent was crucial in scaling the customer base. In addition to that, the initial product testing we did helped us find the right product fit for the market and helped us build a strong base for scaling the accounts. The creatives focusing on educating the audience base rather than plain selling helped us convince people to pay a premium price for the quality they were getting.