From 0 to 6,000 orders per month in 90 days


HyugaLife is India’s largest nutraceutical platform that features products that cater to all health & wellness needs. They have partnered with 150+ brands so far in 8 different categories. The objective was to generate sales and revenue while limiting the customer acquisition cost. The brand wanted to achieve this by reaching the right audience while increasing the brand visibility.


Even though eCommerce penetration is consistently increasing in India, there’s still hesitation in buying healthcare products as people are unsure about the quality and authenticity of the products being sold. Since the platform was new, the challenge of driving revenue on the new platform was even difficult.

The brand sells 5000+ products that address different health concerns, so it was important to target the right audiences that were relevant to each product category to maximize the revenue.


Meta Ads & Google Ads ecosystem provide powerful tools for generating sales and revenue for the brand. By identifying suitable target markets, targeting the right keywords, using different campaigns, optimizing the product feeds and the campaigns on an ongoing basis, the brand reached out to a wide audience and generate high revenue.

Strategy and Execution

To achieve the objective, the first step was identifying the target audience and creating the buyer personas. We focused on mapping products with each segment of the user. Here are the next steps we followed to build upon this strategy:

  • Deployed all Google and Meta Ads products, including Search, Performance Max, Advantage+, and Dynamic Retargeting. Using the first few weeks’ data, we scaled the selected campaigns. We were able to increase Performance Max’s daily ad spend by 35 times by the end of 12 weeks.
  • Over 50+ campaigns were executed successfully in 48 hours on google.
  • Optimized the product feed to improve the product visibility and the impression share of the products was improved by 100%.
  • Created over 1,500+ ad content and variations using persuasive ad copy.
  • Tested and optimized campaigns based on performance data.
  • Optimized campaigns to align with the available stock and inventory size to ensure reduced dead stock.


Each category on the website witnessed an uplift in sales.

Generated 12,000+ orders within 90 days

Hit the target of 6,000 orders per month in the third month


The numbers achieved were astounding as mentioned below!

The sales went up to 95 lakhs in 90 days

The marketing spend was scaled by 565%.