Saving $18,024.02 per month in
organic traffic

MAZ Systems saw its website traffic increase by 7.62 times from the organic sources in 7 months by focusing on churning out SEO-focused content month-over-month.


MAZ Systems provides a platform that helps businesses create world-class apps and serve content via multiple OTT platforms across devices ranging from web and mobile to TV. No coding or design skills required.

MAZ Systems was acquired by Zype in October 2021 to extend the leading video API and infrastructure platform with no-code tv and mobile app publishing framework.

The tech company wanted to increase its organic traffic–the target audience for MAZ at that time were people who were online content creators and wanted to deliver their content to multiple platforms using their own apps.


Since MAZ wanted to scale the organic traffic quickly, we needed to be extremely specific and focused in our strategy.

Even though eCommerce penetration has consistently increased in India, there’s still hesitation in buying products that have a physical feel and appearance like furniture and furnishings. Chandeliers and ceiling lights--a major product category on the website--fall into this difficult to buy online category.

Activation and Strategy

We decided by starting with the low-hanging fruit. MAZ had a great content repository already and was ranking for 515 non-branded keywords in the top 10 search results.

So the first thing we focused on was redoing the content of the live web pages to make it rank for the similar keywords. The next step was to create a process of selecting keywords from the keyword research, creating content briefs, and then publishing content.

While we were redoing the old content, we consistently published 12 blog posts every single month.


7.62 Times
Increase in organic traffic

Saved in organic traffic

140% Increament
in organic demo bookings

MAZ Systems saw an increase of 7.62x in organic website traffic which is saving the tech company $18,024.02 per month. Here are the other key observations from the analysis

  • Observed a 188% jump in the number of keywords the brand was ranking for the non-brand queries on the Google search.
  • Got an additional 947.3k Impressions and 977 clicks from Bing search.
  • The number of demo bookings from organic channels has also increased by 140%.