We’re on a journey to transform the marketing processes of companies that learn from data, take informed decisions, and get the most out of their marketing budget.

The reason for our success is not only our team but our clients--their vision, belief, and active collaboration. We’re leveraging data, insights, and technology to create lasting digital experiences for our clients. At the same time, we’re constantly changing to adapt to new changes and technologies to help our clients keep up the pace with the fast changing world.


Paytm is one of the largest companies in India offering eCommerce payment system and financial technology. XOR Labs helped the brand assess brand impact of marketing campaigns using search analytics.


Fitelo is one of the fastest growing online health and lifestyle transformation companies that offers customized diet plans. XOR Labs is serving as a digital consultant and analytics partner and shares its commitment to promote health, fitness and joy.


Lights and Living is one of the market leaders in the lighting industry helping people experience the best in modern, decorative, and functional lighting. XOR Labs and Lights and Living team are working together to create digital activation, customer acquisition, and brand engagement.

Real Estate

Located in Mumbai, Aspen Park is a residential project of compact 1, 1.5 & 2BHK apartments by Divine Space Realty and Amal Group. XOR Labs is helping Aspen Park’s team build a sales pipeline with digital lead gen strategies.


Vaizle is a social media analytics company offering competitive analytics and ad analytics tools. XOR Labs is managing multi-channel marketing campaigns covering complete marketing funnels.

Fashion eCommerce

Abhishti offers rich fabrics of India innovated in varied designs to suit the sensibilities of the contemporary woman. XOR Labs has helped the brand grow organically tapping into the intent and preferences of modern Indian women around Indian ethnic wear.


Squadhelp is the world's largest platform for company naming and branding with over 70,000 naming experts joining the platform that have helped over 14,000 companies get a brand name. XOR Labs managed the brand’s paid social and helped reduce the cost per acquisition from paid media.


Home Loan Whiz is a Singapore-based one of the leading mortgage consultancy companies. XOR Labs manage the digital experience for the brand from awareness and acquisition to customer engagement and automation.


APS Law is a judicial academy based in New Delhi that prepares law students for the judicial services exam in India. XOR Labs has helped the brand create digital experience and digital activation using paid media.


Zyla Health is a patient care management app, which is on a journey to solve the problem of chronic-care delivery in India using technology. XOR Labs is committed to the vision of the brand while helping them in scaling their performance marketing initiatives.


Airmeet is a platform for virtual summits, meetups & workshops with a social lounge to deliver a rich networking experience.

Beauty and Skincare

Just Herbs offer an exquisite line of pure, bespoke, and Ayurvedic skin and hair care products made from plant-based ingredients and precious herbs collected from across India.


LettrLab is a edutech company based in Mumbai which is on a mission to transform and improve how children learn language from an early age. XOR Labs is helping the brand increase reach, create digital experience, and acquire customers using performance marketing and communication strategy.


Exam Online is a fully integrated platform for providing end-to-end online computer based examination services from candidate registration to result processing.

Here are some of the results we have delivered

Scaled the budget from ₹2 lacs per month to ₹10 lacs per month while hitting 6.29 ROAS

Fashion eCommerce

Increased revenue from organic traffic by 51.87%