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Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

Are you tired of making Facebook Ads work? It works for millions of businesses-small and large-around the world. Heck, we’ve made it work for over a hundred companies!
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Scale Ad Budget. And Performance.
Don’t worry about hampering your key performance metrics as you scale your ad budget. We’ve developed processes that ensure that the KPIs stay under control when the budget is increased.

In fact, many of our clients have seen massive decrease in cost per sale with increasing Facebook Ads budget.
“The only targeting is retargeting”, they say. And we believe so.

Our Facebook retargeting campaigns are contextual. That is, we focus on creating audience segment that can be targeted based on their level of engagement and their position in the funnel.

Retarget dynamically.

Instead of showing all products to all the audiences, by showing only those products to people they have already seen, the performance of the Facebook retargeting campaigns can be improved by several times.

We use it strategically in eCommerce, dropshipping, and even SaaS, real estate, finance, and healthcare industries to create ads that make you money.


Data Analysis and
Business Review
Learn from all the resources and data the company has at its disposal
Targeting and
Campaign Plan
Based on data identify the best targeting options and create campaign plan
Optimizing ad campaigns to keep performance metrics within target range.
Scaling Budget and
Increasing the ad budget for the next stage of growth while keeping CPAs under control.

Facebook Ads Case Studies.

From eCommerce stores and marketplaces to healthcare and finance companies, we have helped them all scale their business with Facebook Ads.
1500+ sign ups within 24 hours of campaign launch.
A deep understanding of customers, past data, and funnel based approach helped us get there!
Whooshfly, acquired its first customers while generating a 7x ROAS on Facebook ad spend
Helped the company plan customer validation road map and funnel to acquire first customers using Facebook Ads.

Reduction in cost per sale on retargeting campaign by 70%
Implemented contextual retargeting campaign by aligning ad with the audience who visited specific pages.
Get in touch with our strategy team
Schedule an audit call with us and know how you can improve your customer acquisition cost
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