8000% revenue growth

Fitelo saw growth by media buying and social campaign optimizations while adding media mix and increasing search traffic.


Fitelo is a fitness and wellness brand helping people transform their lives by changing their diet and lifestyles. The brand was growing consistently month-over-month and was able to acquire customers using Facebook Ads. The brand wanted to scale the ad budget without affecting the cost per acquisition.


The online diet consultancy market is already saturated with people having multiple options while jumping from one consultant to another. With so many marketing messages on the same theme, it was extremely difficult to scale the ad budget without affecting major KPIs.

Plus, the brand was dependent on only one channel for customer acquisition when they had started.

Activation and Strategy

We started by optimizing the Facebook Ads and scaling the ad budget. As the ad budget increased, we also diversified the ad spend across other performance marketing platforms--Instagram, Google Search, Google Display Network, and YouTube.

At the same time, we created new consumer touchpoints--Instagram, Google My Business, YouTube, and organic search--opening up new channels for top of the funnel and middle of the funnel engagement.


Revenue growth in 3 years

website traffic growth

The brand saw a growth of 98x in total website traffic. While with optimization, we saw the number of leads decrease but the quality of leads saw a major improvement with conversion rates improving consistently. Overall, the brand grew by almost 8x in 3 years--with new channels adding more leads into funnel.