Increased ROAS by 62.47%

Lights and Living saw its returns on Facebook Ads increase while also scaling performance on Google Search and Shopping Ads at the same time.


Lights and Living is a Bangalore-based eCommerce store that sells home lighting and accessories for a wide variety of home and office use. The brand wanted to increase its return on ad spend while also creating customer engagement models to generate sales from people who had engaged with the brand without making a purchase--including people who added product to the cart and people interacting on social media.


Even though eCommerce penetration has consistently increased in India, there’s still hesitation in buying products that have a physical feel and appearance like furniture and furnishings. Chandeliers and ceiling lights--a major product category on the website--fall into this difficult to buy online category.

Activation and Strategy

We deployed Facebook’s Power5 methodology for scaling the ad performance while building lookalike and LTV audiences, dynamic creatives, and dynamic product ads. We also created a media mix by adding Google Shopping Ads, Search Ads, and Display retargeting. This was also accompanied with setting up email automation for abandoned carts and weekly newsletters to keep the users (as well as the customers) engaged and updated about new items in the store.


Increased ROAS by

We increased the ad budget by 50% for the brand while increasing the return on ad spend by 62.47%. Our planned approach to create a lasting impression, the brand searches increased by 1.47 times increasing discoverability.