39.24% jump in the organic app installs

The brand saw the uplift in the number of organic visitors on the Android app store within three months of campaign


nurture.farm is a UPL-backed agritech startup which strives to make agriculture sustainable and profitable. This brand offers spraying, soil analysis, farm advisory, weather updates, and daily mandi price alerts. This has resulted in 1.6 million farmers being positively impacted through these efforts, while 5.5 million acres of farmland have been serviced.

The brand had been growing consistently but wanted to increase the organic engagement on its apps for Android devices. The primary goal was to increase the organic rankings and improve organic downloads.


Specifically, the brand wanted to rank for 5-10 major keywords, at the top 5 positions of the Google play app.

In the beginning, the app was only visible for brand keywords. The meta-data and graphics were not fully optimized as per their services.

Our biggest challenge was ranking our Google play app at the top of the search results for the keyword "farm spray service" and for the other major keywords as well.

Activation and Strategy

To understand varied market trends in the agricultural niche, we performed an in-depth competitor analysis. Through consistent competitor analysis and keyword research, we added non-branded keywords to the Google Play app store meta-data.

All of these processes include rewriting the content to focus on the primary keywords that we identified based on our funnel. Aside from that, the creatives are optimized according to the current trending ideas.

For ranking and engagement purposes, A/B testing was conducted on metadata to identify the best-performing set of assets.

We also shared our in-depth analysis report with the development team to fix the major issues on the app, which affect the look and feel of the app.


Increase in app store visits

Increase in Downloads

Number of app store visits increased by 41.01% and the brands saw a 39.24% increase in total app installs from the rise in organic app store visits.

Our app is also ranked among the top five for 9 non-brand keywords in Google Play Store results.