Reduced Cost Per Lead by 66%

Home Loan Whiz saw improvement in cost per lead within three months of the account takeover on search and social ads.


The financial and mortgage consultancy company, Home Loan Whiz, was using Google Search ads, Display ads, and social ads for lead generation. However, the cost per lead was high for the company and didn’t justify spending on performance marketing


As we took on the project, we also discovered that the brand was struggling to streamline the flow of leads from the lead form to CRM. It also hampered the response time from the sales team resulting in lower conversion rates.

Activation and Strategy

We categorized the audience in multiple segments and decided to target each one of them with a unique ad copy and messaging. On top of that, we implemented CRM and sales automation to assign leads instantly to the sales team and created chatbots to handle several steps of communication.


Reduced Cost Per Lead by

Using chatbots helped us immensely in increasing conversations and reducing cost per lead. The brand saw an improvement in the number of leads while the cost per lead plummeted by 66%.