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On an average a customer makes six-points before making a purchase. That is, if you miss a touchpoint, you’ll miss a customer.

We won't let you miss one.


Unlock the power of Performance Marketing with the latest in the field. We do everything you need in the digital space to get your online business thriving.

Paid Social

Paid Social

Our mathematical and data-driven approach puts data at the front to run media campaigns.


Our experts understand each platform’s ad algorithms to create a campaign structure that can be scaled and a communication strategy that makes people click and convert.

Paid Search

Native Ads.

Media Planning & Buying.

Here are some of the results we have delivered

From Rs 16.7 lacs per month to Rs 45.9 lacs per month in just six months. Growth of almost 2.74 times!

What did we do?

Drilled down on categories that have worked for us in the past Increased top of the funnel spending to include engagement, traffic, and add to cart campaigns on Meta Brought Google and YouTube ads into the picture Created segmented list of users based on product categories Created lookalikes of specific audience sets ranging from specific product customers to LTV customers

From Rs 0 to Rs 24.9 lacs per month in just six months.

What did we do?

Even before launching the brand, started building top of the funnel Used UGC content and Instagram Reels to build following Drive traffic to specific product category pages where the CAC was low
Then used upsell campaigns to generate repeat purchases from the recently acquired customers
Tried to scaled Performance Max since the brand was new and were able to do profitable ROAS from the campaign

Our Clients

We’ve worked with over 100+ brands across the world. Introduced processes. Infused technology. And scaled them to leading spots in their categories.

Marketplace & PlatformIcon Marketplace & PlatformIcon Marketplace & PlatformIcon Marketplace & PlatformIcon Marketplace & PlatformIcon Marketplace & Platform
Direct-to-ConsumerIcon Direct-to-ConsumerIcon Direct-to-ConsumerIcon Direct-to-ConsumerIcon Direct-to-ConsumerIcon Direct-to-Consumer
Healthcare and EdtechIcon Healthcare and EdtechIcon Healthcare and EdtechIcon Healthcare and EdtechIcon Healthcare and EdtechIcon Healthcare and Edtech
SaaS & B2BIcon SaaS & B2BIcon SaaS & B2BIcon SaaS & B2BIcon SaaS & B2BIcon SaaS & B2B
Marketplace & Platform
Healthcare and Edtech
SaaS & B2B

Case Studies

We’ve scaled brands using a combination of strong performance marketing processes, technology, and media. Read our recent growth marketing case studies where the XOR Labs team has helped build some of the category leaders.

10x growth in 4 month

Each category on the website witnessed an uplift in sales as we created over 1,500+ ad content and variations using persuasive ad copy

Scaled ad budget by 25x

Successfully scaled the budget by more than 25x while maintaining the customer acquisition cost CAC

8000% Revenue growth

Fitelo saw growth by media buying and social campaign optimizations while adding media mix and increasing search traffic.

7.79x Increase in monthly subscribers in 5 months

Happy Nature saw an exponential increase in its customer base in 5 months by focusing on the right ad messaging and a balanced media mix of Meta and Google ads.

30% MOM growth with ROAS jump from 1.5 to 3.5

Scaled revenue consistently month-over-month by expanding to Google Ads & optimising Meta ad spend.

Saving $18,024.02 per month inorganic traffic

Zype, formerly MAZ Systems, saw its organuic website traffic increase by 7.62x in 7 months.

Increased ROAS by 62.47%

Lights and Living saw its returns on Facebook Ads increase while also scaling performance on Google Search and Shopping Ads at the same time

Reduced Cost Per Lead by 66%

Home Loan Whiz saw improvement in cost per lead within three months of the account takeover on search and social ads.

Saving ₹1,04,390.39 per monthin organic traffic

Zype, formerly MAZ Systems, saw its organuic website traffic increase by 7.62x in 7 months.

Improved CAC by 41% in four months

The number of monthly transactions increased by 261.54% on the platform

39.24% jump in the organic app installs

The brand saw the uplift in the number of organic visitors on the Android app store within three months of campaign

78% increase in the organic website sessions

During Grand Lingerie Festival sale, the total organic conversions increased by 29.98% contributing to 60% jump in organic revenue.

9-figures sales pipeline for India’s leading UPS company in 10 months

Campaigns generated 5.87x ROAS within the first 10 months of launch

Increased the D2C ARR by 19.53x in 14 months

Helped the brand become the leading name in the curl-care segment.

We’re not only proud of the people we’ve worked with; we’re also proud of the results we’ve delivered.

Niches we love

Our performance marketing experts have worked in over 12 industries. Still, we have some favorites. Here are industries we are diving deeper into and scaling.

D2C & Marketplace

D2C performance marketing campaigns are trickier to scale than any other industry. Our focus during D2C scaling lies on finding hero products, identifying new audiences, and using performance to buy more and buy more often.

Health & Wellness

We’ve case studies here of scaling brands from 6-digit revenue to 8-digit revenue. Health and wellness businesses are driven by consumer trust. Like, real trust. We use performance marketing in the healthcare segment to not only drive trust but also accelerate the process of building that trust.

Education & Edtech

The target audience can be immensely wide–from parents and working professionals to graduates and high school students. How do you crack it? Edtech requires a combination of targeted messaging and credibility to make conversions. Having worked with over a dozen, we’ve figured that out.

B2B & SaaS

Did we tell you that the cofounders of XOR Labs also run a SaaS startup? You can read all about it here. From setting up marketing funnels to using your product data to driven conversions, we can help you grow your business even with your current traffic.

Real-money Gaming

How to target people who want to make money from real-gaming? That’s an easy question to ask and difficult to answer. There are restrictions on who you can target or what you can say. But…this is one industry we know the ins and outs of.

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