Improved CAC by 41% in four months

The number of monthly transactions improved by 261.54% on the platform

Objective is a go-to platform for comprehensive stock market education to empower traders with knowledge and finance skills. offers 40+ courses that include options trading, stock market basics, technical analysis, etc., and is trusted by over 28,420 learners worldwide.

Despite 20,000+ learners and a growing community, approached us with a distinct objective: to further expand its customer base and cultivate a thriving community of learners.

Their primary aim was to attract new customers and build a more active and enthusiastic community of people who wanted to enrich their understanding of stock market trading.


Our main goal was to acquire new customers, but it proved to be a significant challenge in the highly competitive market.

Initially, the complexity of the account structure led to issues such as an inefficient retargeting funnel and underperforming creatives, resulting in low click-through rates (CTR). Furthermore, the account relied entirely on Meta ads, leading to high customer acquisition costs (CAC) whenever we attempted to scale up.

To overcome these obstacles, we had to re-evaluate our strategies, simplify our approach, and optimize the effectiveness of the ads.

Activation and Strategy

We began by simplifying the account structure, making it more accessible and understandable.

This led us to establish a new and improved retargeting funnel, resulting in a significant increase in Website Visitors 30D/60D and Engagers 30D/60D from the right audience.

We also adopted a trial-and-error approach, continuously testing and optimizing ads and creatives. By incorporating the best-performing course and experimenting with content that followed the latest trends, we resonated with our audience.

Additionally, we made a strategic decision to shift our focus from Meta to Google, which proved to be a game-changer. We initially blended Search and YouTube campaigns, but the latter took off remarkably, while Search campaigns were effective in promoting our brand and specific courses.


Improvement in CAC

Jump in number of purchases

The brand saw an improvement of 41% in the cost of customer acquisition.
The number of course purchases saw a jump of 261.54% within three months.