Scaled ad budget by 25X


Online fantasy gaming is competitive playground. Fantasy Akhada wants to make its footprint in the industry by not just limiting itself to cricket but also other popular sports including football and kabbadi. The objective is to scale the ad budget during sporting events and increase the new acquisitions.


Strict rules and regulations in India for fantasy gaming. You are not allowed to advertise in many Indian states if you're registered as a Fantasy gaming app
Increasing the number of registrations by maintaining the cost per registration

Activation and Strategy

We deployed a combination of social and search. While the search inherently stopped us from scaling, we turned to YouTube to add new people in the funnel and also acquire new users using direct-response ads. YouTube allowed us to scale by going after topics and keywords strongly related to cricket and fantasy gaming.

On social ads, we used lookalikes to scale the campaign building on our past data. At the same time, we tried multiple landing pages which allowed us to test messages frequently. And drill down on the best performing creatives.



Scaled Budget

Successfully scaled the budget by more than 25X while maintaining the Customer acquisition cost (CAC). The brand not only scaled registration numbers and ad budget the but now have better brand recall across web.